HBR Group is a registered company in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Our Organization helps organizations and individuals to achieve their financial goals. We have a professional team that specializes in International Trading, Immigration, Asset Management, Real Estate Development, corporate merger and acquisition, Equity Placement, Real Estate Advisory. Our company offers a full service from consulting to financial operation. In addition, HBR Group focuses on corporate acquisition in small and medium-sized business between the U.S. and Canada, as well as strategy planning for every client. HBR Group have global trading department which mainly deal with gold trading and oil energy.


The HBR Investment Management Corp has executed a significant number of real estate transactions having provided its clients with substantial income and capital appreciation.


 HBR Investment Management Corp. provides the following real estate advisory and investment services:

Investment and Asset Management 资产管理

Debt Placement 债务布置

Equity Placement 股份融资

Real Estate Acquisition and Development 房地产开发

Mortgage Advisory 房屋贷款资讯

Real Estate Advisory 房地产资讯


HBR Global Trading Corp.

黄金 Gold Trading

原油 Crude Oil

柴油 Diesel Fuel (D6 and D2)

航空煤油 Jet or Aviation Fuel

液化气 Liquefied Gases (LNG and LPG)

其它油气产品 Other petroleum products